Making Your Mouse Do All The Work

Essential Factors to Consider before Installing 4G Lift Phones

Time spent inside a lift without a means of communicating with the outside can be traumatising especially during emergencies. Therefore, as a property owner or facility manager, you should consider what would happen if lift passengers were unable to communicate with emergency service providers during an emergency. The incidence can lead to litigation issues and loss of reputation. The reason is that current Australian guidelines require that property owners install emergency lift phones that must remain operational even in the event of power outage. Read More 

Why Hire IT Support Contractors?

Nearly all businesses rely on contractors to perform certain tasks. From cleaners to professional service providers, like legal firms, it is not unusual for Australian organisations to procure the services of outside contractors. That said, many enterprises choose to go it alone when it comes to their information technology (IT) infrastructure. This might be because the IT wing of the average company started off with someone in the business who had some knowledge of networking, but it rarely remains a good approach. Read More 

Choosing the Right Type of Speakers For You Home

If you are a serious audiophile, you will want to make sure you use the highest quality sound equipment. However, a common mistake that many audiophiles make is that they invest in an expensive sound system only to then connect it to any old set of random speakers. Of course, because the speakers are the final link in the chain, this means that their audio experience is compromised. Below is a guide which will help you to choose the right speakers for your home. Read More 

Why your data cabling matters more than you think

Do you need to have data cabling work done at your workplace? It's tempting to think that cable installation is something that you can do yourself, or if you must employ a professional, to look for the cheapest possible quote. The reality is very different. The cheapest option is far from always being the best choice, especially for a business that relies on its data connection. Cheap cabling often develops problems over time, leading to under-performing networks that could act as a drag on your entire business. Read More 

Four Reasons Your Business Can Benefit from Having Live Operators Answer the Phone

Regardless of all the technological advances in business phones, it is nice and reassuring to have your calls answered by a live person. If you own a small business, consider having real people answer your phones instead of an automated system. Here are four of the reasons your small business should consider having live reps answer the phone: 1. Live voices can cut customer waiting time in half In a survey of customers of the top 100 internet sales sites, customers reported shorter hold times on phone calls answered by live people than by automated machines. Read More